Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!

Jason Tara Jordan Ransdell with their dog Bodhi in the Arizona Desert

Happy New Year!

We always like the sound of a new year and a fresh start.  2021 brought us a lot of new business and many new friends.  The last couple of years have thrown everybody some curveballs, but as we have found, if you keep your eye on the ball, you can find ways to succeed.  

As a small golf apparel business, we know we have to really work hard to get our name out there and to prove we are worthy of county clubs and new customers.  We spend our weeks looking into ways to make products the best quality and with great style.  We know our brand will not be for everybody, but we want to appeal to as many people as we can.  Our goal has always been quality over quantity, and we will continue with that thought process. 

When we are designing the women’s line, our goals are sporty and feminine, but keeping it golf appropriate.  For the men, we want the same great fabrics with appropriate tapers for all sizes.  We also try to keep it simple for men to put their golf outfits together.  

As we look into 2022, expect a lot of the same great quality with new styles.  We love hearing from our customers and know we are always open to hear your suggestions and ideas for new products moving forward.  

We wish everybody a great year with good health, a lot of laughter, and a lot of golf!    


Jason, Tara, Jordan and Bodhi Ransdell

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