The Woman Golfer - Guest Blogger: Tracey Blake

The Woman Golfer - Guest Blogger: Tracey Blake

“A good round of golf always starts in the closet.”  

Yup, and how true it is.  That’s what my friend Janene said to me the other day when I was telling her about a great new women’s golf clothing line I just found.  I told her — yes told her — that we were wearing this new fabulous line in her guest golf tournament.

Ever worn an outfit that’s too tight, too lose (this doesn’t really happen to me – ha!), and or just ill-fitting?  I did.  Today in fact.  It was so distracting and I was hyper-aware of my shorts that were tight and sticking to me because of the heat.  And because I was a bit distracted by them, I proceeded to play poorly.  I think the best golf outfits are the ones that you don’t think about during your round — the ones that don’t distract you from your game.  My best games have happened in my favorite outfits.

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